Tom Young | About
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I am a street photographer based in Edmonton, Canada. I like seeing, thinking about, and documenting the many shapes people come in, both physical shapes and shape of character, and how people act in different environments. By day I am an urban planner, so there’s a close relationship between what brought me to my profession and what I explore in my photography. Most of my images are taken as I go about my daily activities: commuting, going shopping, attending events. Transit is a very common theme.



I’ve always been a better listener than a talker. Since discovering street photography, I’ve started listening with my eyes as well as my ears, and it has given me something to show as a product of my quiet observations. My photography has been a way of pushing myself to share, to move beyond my own particular brand of shyness. I have found that it helps me stay more present in the world and with the people around me.